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"Well, to say it simply: I love Patti.

She is technically proficient and can track a lot of details. She does a lot of work with my shopping cart and internet marketing efforts. She works well with my web developer and my marketing consultant. And I like her can-do attitude. (She has calmed me down on more than one occasion when I was stressed out!) She is a great support to me and I never want to lose her."
Mikelann R. Valterra, Director, The Women's Earning Institute

"Patti is one of the most dedicated and reliable people I have ever worked with. Her commitment to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs is refreshing and her personality shines. Patti masters the balance between professionalism and sociability - it's like being able to work with your best friend! You know the job will get done, and you (and your clients) will walk away with a smile."
Victoria Keale, Owner, Remix Promotions

"I almost don't want to tell you about Patti, because I want to keep her all for myself! Patti has been a perfect virtual assistant for me -- she can figure out tasks for herself, does not need supervision, and is great with clients. I can't tell you how many times a client has randomly told me how much they have enjoyed speaking with Patti! I regularly give Patti new projects, with minimal instruction, and she is always able to ask the right questions and get the information she needs to get the job done. Patti communicates with me in the way I prefer (usually by email and IM). She's also constantly improving her skill set. Highly recommended!"
Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, CFP, Attorney, Host of The WealthSpa Radio Show, Author of Grow Up! Strategies


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