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Are you an Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant, or Work from Home Small Business Owner who is struggling to do everything yourself?

Is the majority of your time spent on administrative tasks rather than profit generating tasks?

Do you spend more time completing tasks that you dislike rather than fulfilling your passion to help others with your services?

Entrepreneurs often juggle ALL of their business’ tasks alone. Tasks like bookkeeping, responding to customer inquiries, marketing, eCommerce issues, answering the phone, simple database/mailing list updates, and sending out an eZine. Entrepreneurs face completing these task single handedly while ‘Corporate America’ delegates to whole Departments!

Just imagine the added creativity, freedom and relief you could achieve if you delegated just one task to a Virtual Assistant. Let’s say for example, responding to customer inquiries…

You took great care to schedule 'creative time' early in your day Monday to finish your teleseminar material for Thursday's class; where you have 30 attendees paying you $149 and 10 paying you a discounted $99 fee to receive your life changing, brilliant "how to" formula!

Monday morning arrives and you are excited for the week ahead…Fifteen minutes into your scheduled creative time, your phone rings and emails begin coming in from a teleseminar registrant who has customer service issues. (You think this won't take long…right?) BUT…The autoresponders for the seminar aren't arriving, none of the needed information is available, the credit card was charged the full price rather than the discounted coupon rate…The registrant is upset and says they are thinking of asking for a refund!

YOU must address these issues because you are truly the only person to do it. Your creative time cut short to sign into your shopping cart check the order, try to reason with your client about the value of your information and this is just a minor glitch …

You've just lost valuable time and money!

While you were attending to the administrative tasks for this customer, you've stopped creating your class information. When you finally get back to it, you don't even notice that you've left out the very important "HOW TO" of your formula! Bad news travels faster than good so now you have 40 upset attendees requesting your "No Hassle Refund" because you didn't deliver what you promised.

You've just lost $5460!

Now, imagine you didn't even hear a phone ring Your Virtual Assistant took the customer service call for you, calmly explained to the customer what happened, helped them find the seminar information on their computer remotely, and the customer is still enrolled, happy and excited for the class! Your Creative Time was immensely productive and your teleseminar carried out without a hitch making you $5460!

So What Exactly is a Virtual Assistant and How Can One Help Me?

Do I need a VA?

Ask yourself the 5 W’s…
1. What am I frustrated with?
2. What are my Time Suckers?
3. What do I want to achieve?
4. What value do I place on my time?
5. What tasks am I doing that I just don’t like?

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What's a VA?

Wikipedia says a Virtual Assistant (or simply VA), is an independent contractor providing administrative, technical, or sometimes creative assistance to clients--usually to other independent entrepreneurs and solo and small business practices...

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